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The “Call Back An Old Friend” is a Free Fire event that allows you to win prizes for inviting old friends who have been 15 days or more without logging in to play. ✅


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🚀 What Is The “Call Back An Old Friend” Event?

This event has many purposes, but mainly to motivate the offline players to come back again to the game.

Garena wants those players to be able to meet their old friends on the server again. Free Fire it’s funnier if you play it with your group of friends, for that reason do not hesitate to re-invite your buddies. It wouldn’t have sense to play on an empty server, right?

Normally, the call back 1 old friend event is available in several occasions, such as the anniversary of the game or a special event. The best of all is that even more than reconnect with your friends to enjoy together these exciting games, the player who sends the invitation as the one who accepts it, will get amazing rewards.

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📅 How The Event "Inviting Old Friends Works"

Participating in the “call back your old friends” event is really simple: Firstly, you have to identify who are those friends you used to play, with 15 or more days without logging in; once you’ve completed the list, you can begin the process. Remember, if you can invite the oldest friends you have, you’ll increase the odds of having more and better gifts as a reward.

You must have the game ID and use the call back 1 old friend event tool we offer on our page. Once you access the headland of “Call Back Old Friends 2024”, you’ll only have to write your Free Fire ID on the text box, then pick the area of server where you play and, as a last step, clic on the button of “Ask for help”.

Just following these steps would be enough to record your account on the list, and those friends who use the ID of your account to access once again to the game. Remember that this procedure will help you win amazing rewards, that can be used on Free Fire.

how to call back 1 friend ff

🤝 Inviting An Old Friend Rewards

The prizes to distribute during the event are mixed, and these rewards change with every user, because they depend on many aspects. Garena will decide which rewards you’ll receive, depending on the amount of friends you invited.

To get a prize you must invite at least one player, and the best reward will be given only to those who send the invitation to a minimum of 7 friends. However, you can send the link to anyone you want to. Between the most valuable prizes you can get are:

Sometimes Garena has given prizes that include the mystical magic cube, it all depends on what it provides. As a player, you should only ensure to invite the biggest amount of friends you have and wait for your reward, that surely will appear on your inventory after you receive a notification on your player’s profile.

Most players ask if they can get to win diamonds with this event, and the answer is yes, but not directly. To be clear, between the prizes you can receive, there are some gifts who can only be earned through the shop of diamonds on the special stores. So, in some way, it's like if you winned the diamonds to buy those items.

invite olds friends free-fire

🤑 Rewards For Those Who Invite

If you cheer up to participate in this event, you could get some of these prizes (remember, the rewards change for every event):

  • Skins: with them, you can change the aspect of your characters and make them look cooler, without wasting your money.
  • Weapons: you can get better weapons, so your performance would be increased during the games.
  • Crates: these boxes have different amounts of random items. You can open them and get accessories, munitions, weapons and almost anything.
  • Gold: this is useful to unlock a giant list of elements inside the game, including characters.
  • Magic cubes: without any kind of doubt, the magic cube is the most valuable item inside the game, there’s no player who doesn’t want to get one of Free Fire. If you are lucky enough, you can change it for an exclusive skin for some of your characters.
  • Vouchers: these tickets will serve to get special objects who can only be bought with diamonds. Also, is really rare get them during this event, but is totally possible.

With this list of possible rewards you can get with only inviting your friends to the event, you have tons of reasons to participate in it and stay active while the prizes get to your account.

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🤩 Rewards For The Invited Players

Garena will also reward the players who get the invitations through this event. The prizes seem like the ones the players get when they send the invitation (skins, weapons, pets, vouchers, gold) but in a lower percentage.

If you’ve been invited for any friend, and you would like to get the prizes of this event, then you have to invite your old friends and duplicate the odds of getting special rewards, because you’ll be receiving gifts for being invited and calling other friends from your account.

You can use our tool to complete the call back an old friend event quickly, and start to receive fabulous prizes that will make your Free Fire experience really more delightful than it has already been.

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